What We're Looking For:

At The Syndrome, we cover a broad list of topics from a woman’s perspective, including those that address gender equality issues such as reproductive rights, pay equity, #MeToo, the glass ceiling, and women in politics (because we REALLY need to laugh about these things).

We also accept articles that are lighter-hearted and focus on what it’s like being a woman in the world today, including sex and sexual identity, relationships, dating, body image, work, fashion, food, etc. 

Funny is who we are and what we’re looking for, no matter the topic.

  1. Visit our website to get an idea of what we’re looking for. First-person point of view pieces are welcome as well as chuckle-worthy lists outlining your superwoman strategy to take on the world, one bra strap at a time!
  2. Do not pitch anything that has been previously published elsewhere or that is not specifically from a woman's perspective.
  3. Make us laugh!


The Syndrome Mag is committed to publishing the best work possible and that usually requires some edits. If you’re not comfortable with positive constructive criticism, we may not be the place for you. Our editors are truly nice people who know a lot about being funny and also less humorous things like where to put a semicolon and how to avoid redundancy. 

You may submit the entire story as you would like it printed and we will send our final edits for your approval. Due to the volume of articles we receive, there is a two draft maximum back and forth between writer and The Syndrome Mag. Trust our judgement. We’ve been around the block!


We believe in the importance of compensating people for their work and we’re proud to offer $30 for articles chosen for publication. Many writers, however, donate their pieces in support of our non-profit mission to increase gender equality through comedy. Please note that we do not pay for memes or artwork that will be published.

Do you find yourself taking even the most serious topics and twisting them until they make others fall to the floor laughing? And do you usually do this with between 500-1200 words? Are you interested in topics ranging from feminism to politics to everyday women’s experiences like how to put on a sports bra or why random people want to touch your belly even when you’re not pregnant? Then writing articles is for you.

The Syndrome Mag